How To Use The US Playstore Outside the US On Any Android...

How To Use The US Playstore Outside the US On Any Android Device [Ultimate Guide]


We live in a monopoly with USA as the super-power. So, it seems reasonable that Americans have an exclusive app market to purchase or browse content on. But this does not mean we can’t have access to it. A simple proxy does the trick, but the question is, which proxy and whether to pay for one or not?

googleplay store

Paying for a proxy is a stupid idea when there are free alternatives (which do work) out there. We’ll be talking about the most convenient and easy to use proxy in just a second.  For now, let’s talk about what one needs to get access to the US playstore.



  1. Install Market Enabler and Hotspot Shield on your phone
  2. Open Market enabler and select a ‘US ‘carrier from the second tab.We suggest using us-verizon. Make sure you don’t set it as ‘set on boot’ because that’ll interfere with your calls and/or messages.
  3. Now open up the VPN app and enable it. It’ll take a few seconds only.
  4. Now, go to Settings -> Apps -> All and look for ‘Google Play Store’ and empty it’s cache.
  5. Open up the Playstore and you should see the US Playstore which would look something like this.

US Playstore


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