How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Android

How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Android


The popular social messaging platform WhatsApp is now a part of everybody’s life. It grown bigger than Twitter with 200+ million monthly active users and recently the app hit a new record of processing billion messages per day.


Some people who have dual-sim android phone are willing to have Two WhatsApp account on their phone, which can operate with two different numbers. Now this is possible, and in this tutorial we will show you how to do that.

Before we start, please note that to be able to have multiple WhatsApp account on a phone, you must have:

  1. Rooted Android Device
  2. SwitchMe app
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Enough space on your SD Card

How to get Two WhatsApp account on an Android Device

  1. Install SwitchMe app, you can get that on Google Play Store
  2. Run SwitchMe, then create two different profile. Theses profile will run different WahtsApp account and have their own System Settings, Apps, and Data.
  3. The first profile will contain your current System Settings, Apps, and Data. It will act as Administrator by default, and it will run your first WhatsApp account.
  4. The Second profile is Virtual and new, this profile will have its own System settings, Apps, and Data.

How to switch from one account to another

  1. Open SwitchMe
  2. Switch to this Account
  3. Set up device’s System Settings for this profile
  4. Go to Google Play Store, and install WhatsApp
  5. Set up WhatsApp and choose which sim card that you are going to use.


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