How to Unlock Forgot Android Pattern Lock – Easily

How to Unlock Forgot Android Pattern Lock – Easily


Android Pattern unlock in one of the best feature to lock your android device. But what happens if you somehow forget that pattern. So how to unlock you device without using unlock pattern. Now we can share, unlock it with following some simple step. Today here we will guide how you can unlock your Android if you forgot the unlock pattern of your android smartphone. Follow the step below to unlock your device.

How to Unlock Android Pattern with Google Account Username & password

If pattern was wrong 5 times and then it locked, now you can see the new option next to emergency call on your lock screen Forgot Pattern.

  • Click on the Forgot Pattern option on your device.


  • Now the new screen will displays where you have to enter Google account ID and password to unlock the pattern of your mobile.


  • Now enter you Google login and password details to unlock your device from Pattern unlock. Even if Data connection or Wi-Fi isn’t enabled on device, no need to worry. Just fill up the details and your mobile device will be unlocked. This happens because device stores account details offline.

How to Unlock Pattern without Google Account

Here is the other option for those users who didn’t use Google Account on Android. You can do this easily with Factory reset.

Note: with Factory reset option will delete all your settings and apps on your phone, SD card data will be preserve so worry not.

If your Phone have the physical Home button: – Power of the device, after that Press Volume UP+Home+Power button at a time until the phones logo screen is displayed. When the phone’s logo screen is displayed, release the Power button but continue holding the Volume + home button until the Android System Recovery menu is displayed.

Phone Without Physical Home button :- Power off the device, press and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons together until the green Android icon pops-up on the screen.

With this way you can enter in to the recovery mode of your android device. Now select the wipe data/factory reset option. Moving the selection up and down is done with the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Once you have the wipe data/factory reset option highlighted, you select it by touching the Home button or Power Button (Depend on the device).
This process will take some time after that select reboot system now. That’s it now you done. You phone will now reboot back into normal mode.


  1. ONLY and SIMPLIEST thing I did that work:

    for when you’ve tried too much patterns wrong, and is also typing your Google Account and password correct but it still doesn’t work. just click the link, follow the instructions, it seems to kinda reset some login data, and then you just sing in like before, but now, it’ll work!

  2. I did this but now it says: Odin Mode, the productuct name, Custom Binary Download:No, Current BINARY: Official and in yellow below that it says Downloading… Do you have to have internet service for this to work? How long is it supposed to take?

  3. i can’t open my Android 4.o ice Cream Sandwich Starmobile phone because of the wrong passwords. my brother attempted it many times. what should I do.?

  4. I have a Samsung galaxy mini and it doesn’t work!!! I trued it three times first, then a dozen times later on but still it its locked….I don’t know what to do

  5. Hi, I have here Starmobile Jump but the screen is locked, I can never open it even when I enter the correct password and it doesn’t have forgot password button on the screen so that I can be able to access my Google Account to reset my screen lock. I need your help to open my screen without losing my data.

  6. Sir my phone dont have like that, when i use the power button + Sound up it only appears reboot and some etc. but the reboot doesn’t work

  7. I forgot my pattern, and i cant log in google, i type email of youtube, and password, but not working. Help mee.! :'(

  8. hello,
    My nephew locked my phone by too many wrong pattern attempts. now my phone is asking for gmail id/password, but is giving me invalid id/password error.
    i remember my pattern and my gmail account is also working fine but my phone is not accepting the correct credentials. (maybe becz my wifi was turned off) is there a way for my phone to allow me another pattern attempt somehoowwww!! or accept the correct id/pass combination im supplying.. highly annoyed.

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    i have been trying to save contacts on my phone but it doesnt work
    how do if i reset will it fix it

    lg p920 optimus 3d

  10. sorry, but you said that the phone would recognize the username and password even if data or wifi is disabled/off? that’s not true. i just tried it right now and it didn’t work. when i turned on data/wifi and tried it again, that’s the time it accepted the username and password. by the way, if you have ICS and you’re locked out with data off, just press and hold the power button then enable data mode and try again. if you’re using gingerbread, you might be out of luck, because when i tried it on my samsung galaxy y, there’s no option to turn on data even when pressing and holding the power button. good luck.

  11. bro my badluck that i have disable the internet connection last time when i used my tab
    now,this was’nt accepting it without the internet connection
    plz help

    • press and hold the power button until the menu comes up. if there’s an option to enable data mode, you’re in luck. if not, then you’re only option is to hard reset.

  12. My pattern is locked even I can’t use my gmail password. At present I can’t open my phone. But I want to save my contacts can I do that please help me. My contacts are very important to me. Please help me.

  13. not working to me how ? ,
    because my android tablet is galaxy and this is china galaxy
    how to work it pls..

  14. i use htc explorer and all it does after i did what u said is that it has entered safe mode. i still can’t unlock my phone. please reply

  15. Im using kabrbon a2 but wen i pressed home power volume up down instead of system recovery some other options are displayed like : view test result.

    Please help, have forgot screen locks n other options tried

  16. To Many pattern attempts!
    don`t work my online
    so how can i solved its. my pattern lock its permanently locked. plz help me.

  17. what if i use google account on my phone but its says my password or username is bad but its good becuse i use it on my computer with the same username and password…

  18. hey i m not able to unlock my cell coz i entered 2 many patterns n now it is not accepting my Gmail id also so now what 2 do????

  19. Even though I enter the correct email userid and password, the unlock is not working.
    I have tried your suggestion. Let me check this.
    The phone is taking more time to boot up.
    Worked wow wow lol lol

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