How to Increase Speaker Volume on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Increase Speaker Volume on Your Samsung Galaxy S4


If you are not satisfied and having problem on Samsung Galaxy S4 speaker volume like its very low even you’ve already set to its maximum volume. The problem of low volume is universal to most Samsung Galaxy devices. If you are at a calm place, low ringtone volume is not a problem at all.


Many users experiencing and been complaining about speaker volume like a very low on phone calls, earphone, headset and in the car using AUX.

Disclaimer: Please note that though I have tested this method of increasing volume on my Galaxy S4 GT-I9500, I do not guarantee that it’ll work on all versions of the device. Further, do not try the procedure on any your Galaxy S4 with any ROM other than one that is based on stock TouchWiz.

I. Before You Begin:

1. The following procedure works for Samsung Galaxy s4 Smartphone.

2. Make sure your device have at least 80% battery power.

3. You must have ClockworkMod Recovery installed on your device.

4. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled

5. Make sure your device have rooted.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Modded volume gain configuration file

2. Default volume gain file (backup file)

3. Root Browser

4. ES File Explorer File Manager

III. How to Boost or increase Galaxy S4 Volume:

1. Extract the “” file and copy default_gain.conf  to your device’s internal or external SD card

2. Open the root explorer app and navigate to the system/etc folder.

3. Here you will find the original volume configuration file for your phone. (defaults_gain.conf & Volume.db).Backup these two file present on your Galaxy S4 by copying and pasting them to the external storage. You can later restore the original volume settings by restoring the files to the system/etc directory.

4. Now navigate to default_gain.conf, tap and hold it and select “Copy” option.

5. Navigate to the system/etc folder and paste the file here. When it prompts to overwrite the file, choose  “Yes”.

6. When the file is copied, fix its permission to rw-r–r–. Tap and hold the default_gain.conf file and select “Permissions”.

7. Finally, reboot the phone.

Done! Now you should experience enhanced and louder speaker volume on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

In case you feel the volume too loud for you, you can edit the volume values yourself. The volume gain configuration in the file provided above has following values:

General Volume (Normal, Speaker) increased from 112 to 132.
Ringtone Volume (Ringtone, Speaker) increased from 112 to 132.
Earpiece Volume (Incall, Earpiece) increased from 128 to 132.
Speakerphone Volume (Incall, Speaker) increased from 144 to 154


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