How to Fix GPS Issues of Your Android Phone

How to Fix GPS Issues of Your Android Phone [Ultimate Guide]


Most of the Smartphones has a built-in GPS device, which has great advantage if you like travelling or while using Google maps. However, the GPS on your device can frequently run into software issues and you may need the help of an app to fix the issues. Here is a short guide on how to fix Android GPS with GPS Status & Toolbox.

GPS Status

Sometimes, you may encounter some issues with your Android GPS when it takes so long to get a fix on your location. At the same time there are instances in which your receiver can mess up and this interferes with your location fix as well. To make matters worse, the “waiting for location” message can often take forever as your GPS app may be having some issues. For all those problems, you can use GPS Status & Toolbox to find a solution.

How to use GPS Status & Toolbox

  1. Download GPS Status & Toolbox
  2. After installing this app, open it and follow the instructions to make sure GPS is enabled or just enable GPS from the status bar
  3. Press back button to go back app’s main screen.

GPS Status1

Here you’ll see the settings, including your current location. If you’re having problems, you can access the Tools section by pressing the menu button. It offers a variety of ways to fix your GPS. To get a satisfactory result, try trial and error method.

GPS Status & Toolbox features GPS and sensor data such as position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing, pitch, and roll and battery state and includes tools such as compass with magnetic and true north, levelling tool and mark or share your location.


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