How to Use ODIN to Flash the Official ROM

How to Use ODIN to Flash the Official ROM [Ultimate Guide]


ODIN the one of the hand-picked Windows based tool which offers the easiest way to flash the Official ROM for the Samsung Devices, this is the easy ODIN tutorial which will guide you to flash or Install the Official Roll outs or releases manually.


ODIN also offers to re-install the Firmware. In case you have bricked the Handset then too it can be flashed via the ODIN.

More about ODIN:

You can check all the functionality that are offered by the ODIN. This will help you in Understanding the

  • Whats is PDA
  • Whats is CSC
  • What is *.pit Files
  • What is Bootloader

PDA: This is the main part of the firmware. You can select the Necessary particular files when selected.

CSC: It stands for the Consumer Software Customization. This option is also used to identify the region or carrier specific files and also includes the default settings like Access Point Name (APN) and other NETWORK branded settings.

PIT: PIT stands for the Partition Information Table. If the PIT Option is checked then you have to browse the *.pit files.

Boot Loader: When checked, this option is used to flash the Bootloader of the device.

How to Install the Official ROM via ODIN:

Official ROM, these releases does not require the rooted device or the Custom ClockworkMod recovery for your Handset. If you are on any of the Custom ROM or Mod then Installing the Official ROM will re-stage your device to the factory settings.

  • You must the Download ODIN and the required firmware Official Firmware. It will be in the *.zip format
  • Extract the downloaded File and following files will be extracted
    you will either get one *.tar file or *.tar.md5 file and sometimes other multiple files.
  • In Case on extracting only one File es extracted then all the content Like PDA + CSC will be in one file
    if in case you get multiple files then there will be particular PDA CSC and Phone Files.
  • Now RUN the ODIN
    • For Windows 7 and Windows 8 User, Run the Program as the ADMINISTRATOR.
  • Now reboot your device in the Download Mode
    1. Switch Off the Phone
    2. Press the Volume Down Button + Home button followed by the Power Button
  • Your Device will boot in the Download Mode and you will see the Green Triangle or the Android Logo.
  • Now Connect the device via the PROVIDED USB Cable and on connecting ODIN will recognise the device and will show the COM Port in the ODIN Screen.

If your device is not recognized by the ODIN then make sure you have the correct drivers Installed and you have Proper connectivity with the System. Sometimes users simply run the Program without any privileges. Make sure you have run the Program as the Administrator.

 Here be the result of the Two Cases. If the Firmware that you extracted has

  • Single File: Then simply click on the PDA Section and browse the downloaded File. It will be in *.tar *.tar.md5 format.
  • Multiple Files: ON extraction following files will be extracted
    PDA:  Browse and Select the PDA File. “The file must be having the Word PDA in its Name”
    CSC: Browse and Select the CSC File. “The file must be having the Word CSC in its Name”
    Modem: Click on the Phone button. “The file Must be having the Word Modem in its Name”

If any of the files is not present in the Firmware. Simply SKIP or ignore the File.

  • Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. Only these two Option Need to be checked Leave the rest unchecked.
  • Press the Start Button after selecting the above files.
  • ODIN will start the flashing of the Firmware and will take near about 5 Minutes. Do Not disconnect the device during that interval.

After the flashing of the firmware. It will take some time to load the Home Screen. Do not get fright. It’s normal for every device. As you are flashing the Official Firmware. You will lose access to the rooted applications. You have to root the device again for the specific Firmware.


  1. i am also from kerala
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