How To Fix Nexus 7 Not Charging Problem

How To Fix Nexus 7 Not Charging Problem [Ultimate Guide]


Google’s Android 4.2 bugs list is quite complete. If you have updated your Nexus 7 to Android 4.2 be ready to face some irritation like Broken Bluetooth, Non-working Bluetooth, Battery Drain, Random Reboots and no charging.


Here we’ll discuss about the no charging thing on the Nexus 7. According to many users, their Nexus 7 is refusing to charge after the Android 4.2 update until it dies completely. We have a fix, though.

How To Fix Nexus 7 Charging issue

  1. Drain off all the juice from your Nexus 7.
  2. Connect your dead Nexus 7 to the charger and press the Volume Down and Power Button simultaneously. By doing this, you’ll head over to the Bootloader menu of the Nexus 7.
  3. Scroll down to the “Power Off Device” option with the help of Volume Down Button.
  4. Select it by tapping the Power button and disconnect the device.
  5. Quickly connect the device to the USB charger again.
  6. You’ll now see the Battery picture on your screen making your device working again.

This should fix the Nexus 7 charging problem. If it does not, your only hope is to let your nexus 7 die completely before another charge.


  1. It looks like it worked, but then the screen goes dark after the pic of the battery , does that mean it quit charging?

  2. It’s the charger. My son’s nexus 7 tablet sat unused for several months because of this. I finally took the USB cord and plugged it into the USB base of an IPad charger. I kept the power off while it charged, and it started to charge the tablet. It takes a while (Maybe Days) for the battery to start charging normally again,but it works fine now.

  3. I have been having problems with my device, Nexus 7, it charges to 27% maximum and then within a minute start going down, please can you suggest how to get this fixed. I purchased online in November 2012.

  4. Kind of works for my Nexus S, after shutting down in the boot menu it’ll charge the phone, but then when I remove the charger and try charge again, it’s back to acting funny again.

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