How To Disable Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Sound / Turn off Shutter...

How To Disable Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Sound / Turn off Shutter Sound [Ultimate Guide]


How to disable Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sound? Yes, I want to turn off Samsung Galaxy S3 focus and shutter sounds. Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sounds are not controlled by System Sound anymore. So you can’t control the volume but you still can disable it. Samsung Galaxy S3 camera does not have sound control built in. And cannot control by ringtone, notifications and system volume controls.This is the step by step for beginner on how to remove the annoying camera focusing sound and the Shutter sound.


How To Disable Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Sound / Turn Off Shutter Sound

1) Download Root Explorer.apk on your Rooted Galaxy S3 & install it.

2) Open Root Explorer, navigate to /system/media/audio/ui Folder.

3) Then Mount R/W. (Check Bellow Pic)

4) Now find the Sound File it should be named like shutter.ogg or Shutter_01.ogg.

5) After you found it, long press on that sound file a popup will appear on your screen >> choose rename > & rename the file to shutter.ogg.bak.(Check the bellow pic)

[Note: If you want to return it back to its original state, simply reverse the name change.]

How to Disable Samsung Galaxy S3 camera focus sound

Using “Root Explorer”, open the folder /data/

Set the sound parameter on file /data/local.prop, this file might not exist for some people

Create the file if not exist by Clicking Menu -> New File, enter the filename local.prop, then click OK

Open local.prop in Text Editor

Add add the line to the file, then click Menu -> Save & Exit

Now, launch Camera application on your Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100, all camera shutter and auto-focus sounds has been disabled.

Note: To restore sound, just delete local.prop (or set and then reboot.

Done!!! In case you cannot complete theProcess, then you should ask for more help in comments. Make sure to leave a detailed comment describing where you got stuck so that we will be able to offer you a viable solution.



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