Best Ways to Enhance Speed of Your Android Device

Best Ways to Enhance Speed of Your Android Device


I can say that we are in the world of Android and most among us are handling Android devices to a greater extent. It is so obvious that we expect our smart phones to work effectively and efficiently. Speed of the device is the major criteria we look for. There are several factors that degrade the speed of your Android device.


This post is about the apps you can employ to enhance the speed of your device. Android devices and your PC works in the same principle of RAM and that can be treated equally. There are a number of apps that can be used to boost up the speed of the device. Let’s see in detail.

 1Tap cleaner:

1Tap cleaner

 We usually run apps in most of the cases. Some used to launch the apps often which in turn lower the speed of the device. We need to clear the cache data in regular interval of time that helps in maintaining the better speed and performance. In that case 1Tap cleaner can play a vital role. While running the apps there may be results in temporary files left by application that should be removed. By using this app those files can be removed by selecting the particular app. Or else you can perform this task by a single touch. As a result of this you will be shown the available memory and the status of the files removed.

CPU tuner:

CPU tuner

As the name suggests this app helps in boosting the performance of the CPU function of your Android device. It takes care of your phone’s CPU, Data connection and synchronization. This helps in saving the battery and involves in speeding up the phone’s performance. The highlighted feature of this app is that the app starts working automatically once your phone needs certain requirements. This app needs predefined settings that are based upon the nature of your phone.

Android assistance:

Android assistance

This app would be perfect assistant to your phone. Android assistance provides you with the best utilities and tools that help you in enhancing the speed of the phone. Using this app you can track the status of the phone and there is one click option that helps in speeding the performance of the phone at a single click. The app consists of three major functions namely Monitor, Process and Tools. You can easily track the status of CPU, battery and memory of your phone. Also you can speed up the phone by clearing the temporary files of pre selected apps at a single click.

Android booster:

Android booster

 This is one among the best sources to keep track your phone’s memory status and to manage in a smart way. This app has been welcomed by most of the users and the number of downloads for this app in play store is high. Android Booster provides an essential set of apps that helps in speed up the performance of the device. Memory boosting, Task killing, Managing the apps, Traffic monitoring, battery life tracking, File managing are some of the key features that this app would take care of.

Memory booster/RAM optimizer:

Memory booster-RAM optimizer

 This is once again a best app that could help you in optimizing RAM status. More space in Ram, more speed is your device. This app helps you in taking care of RAM memory but with a single click. Memory Booster automatically selects a list of apps and kills the app that is not in use. If you think that important would be gone then you can do pre defined settings with preferable apps so that Memory Booster apps select only those apps.


The above-mentioned apps have been universally accepted for their distinct features in order to keep track of your Android phone memory and the apps. Try out these apps and increase the speed of your phone.


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